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A fabrication or machining solution is needed but what exactly is it? This is where our years of experience and design capabilities are invaluable.


At C&M Fabrication, we specialize in revolutionizing your manufacturing processes with our cutting-edge design and machining services. Our expertise lies in creating bespoke metal components tailored to your exact specifications. Whether you require innovative parts designed from scratch or need to replicate unavailable components through reverse engineering, we’ve got you covered.

Our skilled tradesmen employ state-of-the-art technology to meticulously design new parts, ensuring they meet the highest standards of precision and functionality. We understand the complexities of various industries and excel in developing custom solutions that enhance your operations’ efficiency and productivity.

In cases where original parts are unavailable, our reverse engineering service becomes invaluable. Using advanced techniques, we analyze existing components, create detailed digital models, and precisely replicate them. This service ensures seamless continuity in your processes, even when faced with discontinued or obsolete parts.


1. **Custom Solutions:** Design new parts tailored precisely to customer specifications.

2. **Improved Performance:** Custom-designed parts can enhance the performance of machinery and optimized production processes.

3. **Enhanced Functionality:** Components can add new features or capabilities to existing equipment..

4. **Cost Efficiency:** Designing new parts or reverse engineering can often be a cost-effective alternative to purchasing entirely new equipment.

5. **Quick Turnaround:** Faster than designing and producing new or reverse-engineered parts, minimizing downtime and production delays.

6. **Obsolete Parts Replacement:** Where original parts are obsolete or unavailable, reverse engineering ensures the continued operation of machinery.

7. **Quality Assurance:** We deliver the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes.

8. **Compliance and Certification:** Custom parts can be designed to meet specific industry standards and certifications.

9. **Technical Expertise:** We have experienced engineers and technicians who possess specialized knowledge and follow best practices.

10. **Long-Term Support:** C & M offers ongoing support, including maintenance and replacement services.